Working to update my website, I just added my Election Unit.  This unit is a great hands-on opportunity for teaching the geography of the United States as well as how the electoral process works.  Many ideas are included in how to implement this unit. 
Over the summer, I am working to update my website and add many new items that have been created over the last year.  I have also added a page for resources that have been created around the Common Core State Standards.  Keeping checking back and watching for some great new items and ideas.
Hi, I am starting this blog as a way to share new ideas and information I gather and use in my own classroom.  I love being a classroom teacher and it seems as if the ideas and possibilities are endless.  I hope you find something of value to you as well.

    Francine Swickheimer

    I am an elementary classroom teacher and have taught grades Kindergarten through 5th at some point in my 16 years in education.  I am currently a 4th grade teacher in Florida. 


    May 2013